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Vol 16 No. 8 Sep 2011

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Seniors Week 2011 Competition Winner
"Why I Live Where I Live"

Maryborough has been my home for over six years, moving from Ipswich where I lived for 47 years after my marriage in 1958. Initially this move north was to be nearer family, who are long-standing residents in the area and teachers at local schools.

Often I am asked to compare the two cities and I explain they have many similar outstanding features. First and foremost each City should be commended for the respect for and preservation of its heritage. Each is run by a progressive Council, both are river cities, and provide many of the same facilities and activities.

Now that I qualify as Senior Citizen at 79 years of age, Maryborough provides many interests for me through U3A. As a member I have availed myself of their sponsored Creative Writing Course for a number of years, recently commenced an Australian History Class, and have taken part in several U3A Showcases. Additionally, I attend the Maryborough Heritage City Embroidery Group, the Maryborough Computer Users' Group and Maryborough City Ladies' Probus Club, all of which provide many happy hours of learning and companionship.

For three years I gave a little back to the community when I worked as a volunteer teaching craft to the residents of Yaralla. Each week I took along the materials to complete a simple craft and eventually had quite a following from those able to participate. On one "open day" I was mistaken for one of the residents; probablv this was excusable as I was older than some of the residents

Recently when my daughter moved to Victoria she suggested I go with her, but I declined as I have made my home in Maryborough where I have been readily accepted by the various groups in which I participate, and from which I have made many friendships. With all Maryborough has to offer, I am completely at home as there is always something to do such as Mary Poppins' Festival, the Town Criers Display, the bands, the choirs and the weekly Street Markets.

When I have visitors from Ipswich, Brisbane and Sydney, I take them on the Verandah Tourist Bus which affords them the opportunity to view our heritage City Hall, Court House, Churches, the gracious old homes and a variety of museums. One of the special delights is to travel along the city reach of the river and learn the history of the Port Authority, view the Brolga Theatre and Queen's Park. I have not only adopted Maryborough, but embrace all it has to offer and I sing its praises loud and long to my friends and relatives.

Currently, I am looking forward to taking part in the planned activities to the celebrate Senior's week, another good reason "Why I Live Where I Live".

Nerida Noble


In a Podiatrist's office
"Time wounds all heels."



There once was a religious young woman who went to Confession. Upon entering the confessional, she said, 'Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.'

The priest said, 'Confess your sins and be forgiven.'

The young woman said, 'Last night my boyfriend made mad passionate love to me seven times.'

The priest thought long and hard and then said, 'Squeeze seven lemons into a glass and then drink the juice.'

The young woman asked, 'Will this cleanse me of my sins?'

The priest said, 'No, but it will wipe that smile off of your face.'


Internet Hire (Seniors Citizens Hall)
333 Alice Street, Maryborough


Internet: Monday Thursday
Time: 8.30 am 11.30 am
Cost: $1.00/hr pensioner, Concession card holder and Seniors.
3.00/hr general public
Printing: 10 cents a copy


The Maryborough and District Committee on the Ageing Inc.
(MaDCOTA) 2011-2012 Executive Committee

President: Brian Hodges
Vice President: Lex Tudman
Secretary: Donna Suter
Treasurer: Barbara Rogers
Project Coordinator: Ann-Maree Hasselbach

On behalf of the MaDCOTA, I would like to thank Ann McLaney for her efforts over the past decade as she steps down from the Secretary role.

For 40 years MaDCOTA has had one Treasurer and her name is work-a-holic Donna Suter. Donna has stepped down from the Treasurer's role, however, she has now taken on the Secretary's role.

I would like to welcome Barbara Rogers to the Treasurer's role and look forward to working with her over the next twelve months.

Brian Hodges (President).

Positive Attitude + Active Mind = Healthy Body


Seniors Safety Part 1

Feeling safe in your own home is essential to your well being.

What Can You Do:

  • Only list your initials and surname in the phone book to limit the amount of personal information available.

  • If you use an answering machine or service on your home phone Don't say "I will ring you back."
    Leave a message saying "We will call back later."


2011 Seniors Little Red Book
3 Nights Kingfisher Bay Resort Holiday
Winner: Ms M McAdam (Hervey Bay)

M McAdam

Arthur and Margaret Ewers are holding a picture she painted and displayed at Fairhaven Seniors Weeks Open Day with Ann-Maree Hasselbach.

Margaret is also one of MaDCOTA's volunteer readers for the Talking Newspaper for impaired persons.

Reading Paper

Keeping Up with Local News!

The "Oracle" (Talking Newspaper) for print impaired person. News from the Fraser Coast Chronicle is recorded onto CD's by volunteers and posted to clients every Wednesday, courtesy of Australia Post.

If you require any information about this service or know of someone who would benefit Phone: 41 23 15 54 Ann-Maree (Project Coordinator)

reading paper

Rose Naming

I had a rose named after me and I was very flattered.
But I was not pleased to read the description in the catalogue "'No good in a bed, but fine against a wall."


Taylor Street Community Legal Service

The Taylor Street Community Legal Service is a non-profit community service which provides free non discriminatory legal advice to socio-economically disadvantaged people on the Fraser Coast. Advice is free and all consultations are private and confidential. However due to limited resources and time, there is a maximum of 20 minutes for each consultation.

This Service is available on Wednesdays commencing at 5 p.m. by appointment only at the Maryborough Neighbourhood Centre, 25 Ellena Street.

Maryborough Phone: 41 21 21 41 Maryborough Neighbourhood Centre
Tiaro Phone: 41 29 24 53 Tiaro Library

office worker

On a Plumber's truck

"Don't sleep with a drip.
Call your plumber."


Coming Events And Date Claimers


Date Claimers

  • Thurs Sept 29 Disability Action Week 2011
    Community Services Expo Maryborough City Hall
  • Sat Oct 22 Torbanlea Annual Picnic Races
    Buses available contact Phone: 41 29 71 32 or 41 21 40 70


St Stephen's Hospital Women's Auxiliary.
Springtime Fashion Morning Tea

Fashions by Noni B

Date: Wednesday, 14 September, 2011
Time: 9.30 am
Venue: St Mary's Parish Hall, Bazaar Street, Maryborough
Cost: $7.00

Flag Board, Lucky Door Raffles etc.

Come and join us and have a lot of fun, luscious homemade Morning Tea

St Stephens Hospital

Maryborough & District Senior Citizens Club
Ready for Digital TV Changeover
Tuesday 6 December 2011

Subject: Free Digital TV Information Seminar
Date: Tuesday 20 September 2011
Time: 12.45 pm
Venue: Senior Citizen Centre

Followed by Seniors Monthly Concert

Time: 1.30 pm
Cost: $3.00

Afternoon Tea supplied


The Maryborough Computer Users Group.
Spring Fashion Parade
Features New Seasons Fashions by Millers

Date: Friday 23 September, 2011
Time: 10.30am and Parade 11.00am
Venue: Granville Sports Club
Cost: $25.00 includes two course sit down meal at 12 noon
RSVP: Wed 14 September Phone: 41 23 59 31

Lucky Door prizes and light entertainment.


Thought of the Month

There is no "I" in Team!

puzzled man
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