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Vol 15 No. 4 May 2010

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Thursday Market Day

"OUR PLACE" is a morning tea room in the Maryborough City Hall. Refreshments are available at a minimum cost, along with information and recreational reading matter.

The room is staffed by volunteers from The Maryborough and District Committee on the Ageing Inc, ready for a chat, and open each Thursday from 9am to 12.30pm.

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Happy Mothers Day

Just a few days ago
A friend lost her Mother
And as we all know
There will never be another.

She's one of the few things in life
That can never be replaced
She's led us down those life's paths
That can never be retraced.

Too many take their Moms for granted
And think they'll always be around
They don't know how She'll be missed
When, one day She's Heaven-bound.

Why we celebrate this special day
Only this one time a year?
When everyday our Mom is special
And we should tell Her, make that clear.

So, if you are a lucky one
Whose Mom is still with you
Tell her everyday you love her
For, that's the least that you can do.

By Del "Abe" Jones 5.9.2007

Mother's Day in Australia was first celebrated in the Presbyterian Church in Burwood NSW in 1920.


Irene "Maud" Whitaker
Will officially be a "Centenarian"
On the 16 May 2010

Maude and friendsIrene Maud Whitaker, affectionately known as "Maud" was born in Gympie where her father was a butcher at Patterson Siding. Maud moved to Maryborough and lived with the Hansen Family and started working as a waitress Ellena Street. The Hansen Family had previously owned the famous "The Coffee Place". The Hansen's treated her like a daughter and took her to church every Sunday.

Maude at bridgeMaud was never very interested in any form of sport but like most young women enjoyed dancing and it was at a dance at the Federal Band Hall that she met her husband Colin. A wedding in 1936 and three sons who, like their father, all became keen and talented bandsmen.

All her life Maud has enjoyed doing embroidery, knitting and crocheting and became a super cook until about three years ago. Delicious little caramel tarts was on the top of her list. I can vouch for this as my granny says they are the best she has ever tasted.

Irene WhitakerThe late Jane Barker taught Maud to play Auction Bridge and incredibly as she reaches her centenarian milestone she remains one of the best players in Maryborough and is still a tutor at Monday Morning U3A bridge held at the Maryborough Senior Citizens Hall. Maud also plays bridge on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.

Maud is a very remarkable woman still mentally alert and physically capable of living alone in her high blocked home.

Open House to Celebrate "Maud's" Birthday

Bryce (Son) welcomes everyone to come to his house and celebrate Maud's birthday with her.

Date: Sunday 16 May 2010
Address: 130 Neptune Street, Maryborough
Time: Between 12.00 noon – 4.00 pm

Congratulation from Everyone "Maud"


New Queensland Solar Hot Water Rebate Scheme

The Premier has announced a new Solar Hot Water Rebate Scheme to replace the scheme cancelled earlier this year. Pensioners and low income earners can apply for a $1,000 rebate for a solar hot water system or a heat pump system. Systems purchased after the 13 April will be eligible for rebate and payment to customers will not commence until after 1st July 2010.


Companion Card

"Two for one" entry tickets  allowing their "companion" free entry or travel.

The Maryborough and District Committee on the Ageing Inc. supports the Companion Card program and the following local businesses have registered:-


Fraser Coast Show Society
Brogola Theatre
Wide Bay Transit Phone 41 21 37 19
Translink (Bus and Train) Phone 13 12 30
Fraser Coast Market (Tourist Attraction), Fraser Coast Show Grounds

It is imperative that applicants complete government paperwork and their free identity card issued. No two for one deal without the companion card.

A few examples of Queensland Attractions Registered:

  • Sea World
  • Wet and Wild
  • Exhibition (EKKA)
  • Movie World
  • Australian Zoo
  • Brisbane Air Train

For further information: Phone: Ann-Maree 41 23 1554 or Phone 13 13 04


Meals on Wheels Fraser Coast

Meals on Wheels Fraser Coast staff and volunteers Will Be working and delivering meals on the Public Holidays in May. 


Nutritious and fresh prepared meals are available for delivery Monday to Friday, with cook/chill meals delivered Fridays for weekend meals.  Meals available short term (following hospital stay) or long term, No Doctor referral required. Contact David on 4121 4297 for information.


Come from all walks of life and do a variety of tasks, Bakery, Kitchen, Deliveries, Admin and, Cleaning.  If you know of someone who would be interested in volunteering a couple hours a month contact Lorraine on Phone: 4121 4297.



The wife told the police that although she had broken the umbrella over her husband's head it was an accident.
"If I had known the umbrella would break, I would have used a golf club," she said.


The Maryborough and District Committee on the Ageing Inc.
Internet Hire (Seniors Citizens Hall)

Internet available: Monday – Thursday
Time: 9.30 am – 11.30 am
Cost: $1.00/hr pensioner, concession card holder and Seniors.
$3.00/hr general public
Printing: 10 cents a copy

women at computer

Labour Day - 3 May 2010


The history of Labour Day in Australia spans over a century. It is an important annual event that remembers those who struggled and succeeded to ensure decent and fair working conditions in Australia. During the mid to late 1800s the working day was long and arduous, where some employees would work up to 12 hours a day, six days a week.

Many Australians saw the need for better working conditions and in the 1850s there was a strong push for this. On April 21, 1856, stonemasons at the University of Melbourne marched to Parliament House to push for an eight-hour working day. An agreement with employers for a 48-hour week was eventually reached and Australian workers welcomed the new eight-hour day. A victory march was held on May 12 that year and each year after that.

In 1879 the Victorian Government made one further step towards better conditions for employees by proclaiming a paid public holiday that year. Tasmania joined the other states in adopting the shorter eight-hour working day. In light of the labour movement's successful push for an eight-hour day, a large May Day meeting was held in Melbourne in 1890. On May 1 that year a local newspaper made reference to that day as May Day.

One of the first May Day/Labour Day marches in Australia occurred on May 1, 1891 in Queensland. More than 1000 people participated in the march and carried banners. The leaders wore blue sashes and the Eureka flag was carried. It was reported that cheers were given for "the eight-hour day".

Renowned Australian writer and poet Henry Lawson (1867-1922) wrote a poem "Freedom on the Wallaby" to mark one of the largest May Day/Labour Day demonstrations in Queensland in 1891 where it was reported that cheers were made for "the eight-hour day". There have been other songs and poems that refer to the theme behind this holiday and the efforts of the labour movement in modern times such as "The Eight-Hour Day" by John Warner, calling for Australians to stand up united and maintain their rights to an eight-hour work day.

Disclaimer: Precise dates for this holiday in Australia in the late 19th century and early 20th century have not been confirmed, however based on research, estimates have been provided for the earlier dates of this holiday.


Coming Events And Date Claimers

Maryborough & District Senior Citizens
"Monthly Concert"

Lucky Door Prize

Venue: Senior Citizens' Centre,
333 Alice Street, Maryborough
Date: Tuesday 18 May
Cost: $3.00
Concert: 1.30 pm Afternoon tea supplied


The Granville Anglican Church
Morning Tea - "Biggest Cuppa"
Qld Cancer Fundraiser

Homemade Morning Tea supplied

Date: Tuesday 18 May.
Venue: Christ Church, Odessa Street, Granville
Time: 9am - 11am
Admission: Gold Coin Donation

Mini Tombola
Raffles 1st and 2nd prize
Friendlies Chemists donating a basket of beauty products

For further information contact: Jeanette Phone: 4121 6302
Christ Church Committee


Maryborough & District Senior Citizens
"Biggest Morning Tea"

Everyone Welcome!

Venue: Senior Citizens' Centre,
333 Alice Street, Maryborough
Date: Thursday 27 May
Register: Phone Barbara Phone: 41 22 25 70
Cost: $3.00 (Homemade Morning Tea supplied)

slice of cake

Date Claimer

  • 20, 21 & 22 May Fraser Coast Show (Companion Card) accepted
  • Saturday 26 June Tombola RSL Women's Auxiliary
  • Sunday 25 July Tombola Doonvilla Bowls Club Tombola


Thought of the Month

Turn your face to the sunshine
and the shadows will fall behind you!

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